Monday, March 14, 2011

Saying Goodbye To Cotton-Top Hills

This has been a long good-bye. We’ve known for months that the probability of us moving away from our home was great. But when you get that final call, the one that says it is happening, you can’t help but mourn.  We are moving closer to family, much closer, which is wonderful. It will be the first time in my husband’s and I’s adult lives that we have been close to where our parents are.  It is a blessing.

Cotton-Top Hills has been a blessing too. For my third and youngest child this is the only home she has known. For my two older girls, this is the home in which their adventurous spirit was given room to frolic and explore. For my husband and I, it has been a place in which we have poured our love into. Together as a family, we have made this beautiful place our home.

Soon, all we will have is our memories and we don’t ever want to forget some of the things that have made it so special. Together we are creating a scrapbook of memories, some I’d like to share here.

The first is this picture, taken soon after we moved in.


We could have named this place At The End Of The Rainbow, for almost every time we get rain we seem to have a rainbow. This one was a double rainbow. My girls love the fact that they can see the entire thing from our front yard. Nothing beats the wide open skies of the Texas Panhandle.

Stay tuned for more scrapbook entriesSmile


  1. I remember being there for a rainbow like that!! Beautiful!

  2. I think maybe this one was taken when you were here:)