Friday, October 2, 2009

Pumpkin Waffles...Yum!

This morning we didn't have a pumpkin candle to burn, so we decided to welcome the fall by stirring up some autumn aromas in our kitchen.

I got this recipe at Smitten Kitchen, which is a site I just found, and it has some wonderful recipes. There are beautiful pictures here of food prep as well. Everything is so pristine and beautiful. But you probably won't find that here. Especially when I have my three little chefs helping me out. Oh who am I fooling, it doesn't happen when I'm cooking alone either. But this is REAL folks, this is life at my house. So I'm giving you fair warning, these pictures may not be clutter free, but here at Cotton-Top Hills that is the norm. The food is usually real good anyways. I promise!

First you sift all the dry ingredients. Try to get them all in the bowl as opposed to all over your 2 year old and counter-tops, but if that happens don't despair it will turn out just the same.

Next let your expert whisker whisk up all the wet ingredients, while you go clean up all the clutter on your school table.

Then put your 7 year old to work beating the egg whites until soft peaks form, because you are cleaning up the flour that is all over the 2 year old and counter.

Gently fold the egg whites into the liquid and flour mixture that your 2 year old has diligently stirred.

Scoop into hot waffle iron

And serve. They are so deliciously yummy and makes your house smell like fall just burst through the front doors.

I'd give you the recipe here, but I don't want to get anyone upset about recipe stealing or the sort so instead I'm going to send you over to Smitten Kitchen to grab it. That way you can compare her pretty pictures, to my not so pretty ones. I'm okay with that because I am secure in my messy ways.

Happy Fall!