Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sushi Making 101

We love to eat sushi, particularly California rolls, around here. Usually after church on Sundays we stop by the local grocery where they have a sushi station. We can watch the sushi being made and pick some up to take home. It's become sort of a tradition.

My 10 year old Em recently asked if we could try to make our own. Why not? So off we went to World Market to pick up the Sushi rice and bamboo mat for rolling, as well as the seaweed sheets. Then at the grocery after church we picked up the imitation crab meat, cucumbers, avocado, and carrots. If you live somewhere where you could get super fresh sushi grade Tuna etc than try that. But the Panhandle of Texas just really isn't that close to the ocean, so we'll pass on the raw fish thank you:) That night we made our first round of sushi and it was very yummy. Some friends have asked if it was hard to do and the answer is no. To prove it Em made a sushi 101 video to share.